Our unique concept

At Ögonlocksakademin, we spend all our time on eyelid surgery. We strongly believe that we, with our staff specialized in eyelid surgery and with extensive experience in eye care, have the best conditions to give you an optimal result.

Our staff and surgeons have been fully engaged in eyelid surgery for many years. With that exclusive experience, we have a great understanding of what it takes to recreate the original shape of your eyelids during a surgery.

We have specialized knowledge about the eye and in the structure of the eyelids, which means that we know how to do the little extra that is required for the best results. This is also why we have customers from all over Sweden and the world. Are you interested in scheduling a surgery at Ögonlocksakademin but live far away? If you can not visit us on site, for any reason, you can schedule a digital consultation before you decide to schedule the surgery.

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You can feel safe getting an eyelid surgery at Ögonlocksakademin, since we are among the best eyelid clinics in Sweden. Read more about the eyelid plastic surgeries we offer.