Xantelasma, or Xanthelasma palpebrarum, appear as yellowish, raised patches under the skin. It is a relatively common skin condition, and the spots can be located on both the upper eyelids and below the corner of the eye.

The yellow spots are small collections of cholesterol which often appear due to dyslipidemia. Although xanthelasma itself is only cosmetically disruptive, the yellow patches may indicate an increased risk of heart attack. Therefore, you should also alert your doctor or health care center if you notice these spots on your face.

Xantelasma removal

Ögonlocksakademin helps you remove the xantelasma spots on the eyelids. During the surgery, which is done using local anesthesia, we remove the spots and any surplus skin around the eyelid. We use radio wave surgery, which means that we use a radio wave needle instead of a knife. This is a method that is far more gentle than using a knife.

Removing xanthelasma is a quick, effective, and practically painless treatment. The scar will be a bit red and swollen at first, but gradually fade with time. The stitches are removed about 1 week after the surgery.

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