Surgeon at Ögonlockskademin, performing lower eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery

Surgery on bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes, loose skin or dark circles makes you look more tired than you feel. This happens when the elasticity in the skin is reduced, often combined with fat that bulges out under the eye. Genetics can be a contributing factor to this.

Plastic eyelid surgery of the lower eyelid gives lasting result. We use two different methods of surgery depending on what your lower eyelids look like.

Lower blepharoplasty: removal/rearrangement of fat

In case of protruding fat and/or dark circles, the incision is done on the inside of the lower lash line. This means that there will not be any visible scars. Excess, protruding fat is removed and restructured to fill in the hollows that cause the dark circles.

This procedure can advantageously be done in combination with upper eyelid surgery.

Lower blepharoplasty: removal of loose skin

In case of loose skin and/or apparent wrinkles, the incision will be done just beneath the lower lash line. The stitches are removed after about one week. The scar will be a bit red and swollen at first, but gradually fade with time

This procedure is usually not performed in combination with upper eyelid surgery.

Before and after photos of lower eyelid surgery

As we only focus on eyelids, we perform eyelid plastic surgery daily.

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