We have extensive experience of eyelid surgery. By working exclusively with eyelids for many years, we have a unique knowledge and are specialists in the field.

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Dr Reza Aslani Ögonlocksakademin

Dr. Reza Aslani

Oculoplastic surgeon


1991–1997Medical education, Uppsala University
1997Medical degree, Uppsala University
1997–1999Medical intern, Gävle Hospital
1999Medical license
1999–2000Research scholarship at Ögonkliniken, Uppsala University
2000–2005Ophthalmology residency at Ögonkliniken, Uppsala University Hospital
2005Licensed specialist in ophthalmology, with a special focus on eye plastic surgery
2005–2006Subspecialization i eye plastic surgery
2006–2016Section manager for the eye plastic department at Ögonkliniken, Uppsala University Hospital. Director since 2010.
2012Consulting eye plastic surgeon at St. Erik Eye Hospital in Stockholm
2014Opens the clinic Ögonlocksakademin in Uppsala
From 2016Consulting eye plastic surgeon at Uppsala University Hospital
From 2016Accountable eye plastic surgeon in eyelid diseases at Centrumkliniken in Uppsala.
Dr Yousef Pourakbar Ögonlocksakademin

Dr. Yousef Pourakbar

Oculoplastic surgeon


2000–2005Medical education, Uppsala University
2005Assistant physician at Neurosurgery, Uppsala University Hospital (UAS)
2006–2007Medical intern at Enköping lasarett
2007–2008Consulting mission general medicine in Uppsala and Norrköping
2008–2010General surgery at Enköping lasarett
2010–2015Ophthalmology residency at Ögonkliniken, UAS
2015Licensed specialist in ophthalmology with a special focus on eye plastic surgery and cataract surgery
2015-2016Subspecialization i eye plastic surgery at Ögonkliniken UAS
2014–2018Cataract surgeon at Ögonkliniken UAS
2017–2019Eye trauma surgeon at Ögonkliniken UAS
2016–2018Consulting eye doctor at Optalux Ögonklinik in Stockholm
2016–2019Section manager for the eye plastic department at Ögonkliniken UAS
2018–Consulting eye plastic surgeon at ABA Ögonklinik in Stockholm
2018–Consulting eye plastic surgeon at Ögonlocksakademin in Uppsala
2019–Consulting eye plastic surgeon at Centrumkliniken in Uppsala
Dr Med Achmed Pircher Ögonlocksakademin

Dr. Med. Achmed Pircher

Oculoplastic surgeon

2004–2010Medical education, Medizinische Universität Innsbruck, Austria
2011–2012General surgery, Spital Uster, Zürich, Schweiz
2012–2015Ophthalmology residency, Augenklinik Kantonsspital Aarau, Schweiz
2015–2016Research scholarship, Augenklinik Kantonsspital Aarau, Schweiz
2016–2017Ophthalmology residency, Uppsala University Hospital
2016Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology, Paris, Frankrike
2019–Accountable eye plastic doctor, Uppsala University Hospital
Maria Bergvall Ögonlocksakademin

Maria Bergvall

Licensed Nurse and Administrator

Anna Berggren Ögonlocksakademin

Anna Berggren

Certified Nursing Assistant

Catarina Wicksell Ögonlocksakademin

Catarina Wicksell