Ptosis/hanging upper eyelid

Ptosis means drooping upper eyelid edge. Ptosis is caused by weakening muscles in the eyelid, which means that the eyelid cannot be lifted completely. This can be both genetic and occur when you get older. The problems can occur on just one eye, or both. Ptosis is easier to detect when you only have it on one eye, because that one will look more tired and “dimmed” in comparison. How much your eyelid is drooping depends. Ptosis can cause the eyelid to droop so low that it covers the pupil, which can obstruct or affect the eyesight.

Ptosis can also cause cosmetic problems. Even if the pupil is not obscured, ptosis can make you look tired. The shape, height and outline of the eyelid edge are also important for the appearance. For us at Ögonlocksakademin, a surgery to treat ptosis is not just about raising the eyelid edge; we also put a lot of effort on symmetry and the cosmetic aspect.

Ptosis surgery

Our surgeons have extensive and solid experience in ptosis surgery on patients ranging from small children to the elderly. The surgery involves folding/shortening the weakened muscle tendon. The surgery is often combined with some removal of surplus skin for best result. Ptosis surgeries require a great deal experience as it is not only a matter of adjusting the height of the eyelid, but usually also the shape.

We do not have a care agreement with the public healthcare system in Sweden, since we want to be able to put extra time and effort on giving you the very best result possible.

See our before and after photos of ptosis surgery.

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