Mono eyelid/double eyelid surgery

Performing eyelid surgery on people with mono eyelids usually puts significantly higher demands on the surgeon in terms of anatomical knowledge and experience. The shape of these eyes is often characterized by the complete or partial absence of folds in the upper eyelid, which means that you cannot distinguish a clear globe line.

There can also be excess skin, fat and tissue above the eyelid that bulges out, which makes the eyelids and eyelashes less visible. It is also common to have a so called epicanthal fold, which is a skin fold located on the upper eyelid towards the inner corner of the eye.

People with this kind of eyelid shape usually have a different anatomy in the eyelids and surrounding tissue, compared to people with double eyelids. However, there are still significant individual differences and variations depending on origin and genetics.

We always take the psychological aspect into account, as we have noted that wishes regarding the final result can differ significantly between different individuals, hence the difference between our before and after photos regarding “mono eyelid/double eyelid”.

Epicanthal fold surgery/double eyelid

One common request is wanting larger and more visible eyelids. For those who wish for an epicanthal fold surgery, it is also possible to reduce/remove any epicanthus folds. We always have a thorough consultation with the patient to tailor the surgery based on their specific wishes about the size of the eyelids.

The surgical incision is then placed based on the customer’s specific wishes about preferred size of the eyelid, or possibly in the globe line if one is present. The scar will be a bit red and swollen at first, but gradually fade with time.

The stitches are removed about 1 week after the surgery.

See our before and after photos of mono eyelid/double eyelid surgery

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