Consultation for eyelid surgery

Are you thinking of getting eyelid surgery? Before you decide to schedule the surgery, meeting an experienced eyelid specialist can make you feel safe. Therefore, we always have a consultation with our patients before any eyelid surgery.

We offer a regular consultation on site, where you get to meet us at our clinic in Uppsala. We also offer digital video consultation, if you are not able to get to Uppsala for meeting in person. Schedule your consultation today!

Schedule your consultation

You can schedule a consultation using our flexible online booking here on the website. You can also contact us, and we will help you find a suitable time.

How much does a consultation cost?

At Ögonlocksakademin, a consultation is always free of charge and non-binding.

How does a video consultation work?

Do you live outside of Uppsala? Since we have customers from all over Sweden and the world, we offer video consultations for those living far away.

A video consultation is done in the same way as a regular consultation, and both kinds of consultations are free of charge. Instead of meeting us in person we do the consultation via a video call, either on a computer or a smartphone. During the call you can tell and show us your requests, and we can make an estimation on what we will be able to offer based on that.

When it is time for your consultation, you will receive both a text message and a link by email. We will not be sending any instructions days in advance, everything you need will be sent to you when it is time to meet the surgeon behind the screen. You will need a webcam on your computer and you can not use an outdated browser. You can also do the consultation using a smartphone.

The call is not recorded, cannot be intercepted by somebody else, and will not be saved. We have chosen a system which is just as safe as if you were meeting us for a consultation at the clinic. We will make a note in your medical records about what we agreed on, just as we do at a physical consultation here at the clinic.

When you have scheduled a consultation

After you have made your appointment for a consultation, you will not have to do any further preparations. A few days before the consultation we will send you a reminder through text with information including address and buzz code.

If you have scheduled a video consultation, you will receive a link to the meeting via text message and email when it is time for the consultation.

What do we do during the consultation?

On the day of your consultation, you visit our clinic. You will not have to do any preparation before the consultation.

Once there, you will get to meet one of our experienced surgeons or eye nurses who will examine you. During the consultation we will tell you more in detail about what you can expect from the surgery, based on your situation, and what we can do to help you.

After the consultation, we want you to feel well informed about the pros and possible cons with getting an eyelid surgery. During our meeting, you will also be able to ask us about all your questions and concerns.

What happens after the consultation?

Regardless of whether you scheduled a video consultation or a regular consultation on site, nothing is binding and you will choose by yourself if you want to proceed to surgery or not. You will not have to make that decision right away.

If you chose to proceed and schedules a surgery, you will of course have another thorough examination before the procedure.

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